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Having trouble uploading certain pictures to the art portal

2010-01-29 04:26:02 by LuciousClump

For some of my pictures it says I've already uploaded the image , but I don't have them on my account
this happen to anyone else??

rm73 ruben martinez

Plz could someone scout my picture for me :)

New Songs

2009-06-03 07:47:06 by LuciousClump

There in the Audio portal now check ' em out


2009-04-19 05:16:39 by LuciousClump

For all you lazy people here it is
Zelda Engine Fla.
enjoi :)

Escaping The Fish Tank

2009-04-13 00:43:40 by LuciousClump

Here's another book I'm working on.
It's called Escaping the Fish Tank
This is just the first couple of pages (It's still fairly rough like all my other work)


Escaping the Fish Tank

An interesting species of little consequence. But interesting nonetheless.
A seemingly unimportant, yet vastly fascinating fact about fish is that their growth depends on their habitat. The ocean, in its immense majesty, holds true to this fact, with its majority of inhabitants being fish. It demonstrates a variety of this natural phenomenon. However, when it comes to comparing, one may find it less overwhelming to begin in something not nearly as cosmic. Take for instance the freshwater catfish of the lakes of North America. One to three feet in length, weighing along the lines of three to twelve pounds, quite normal when compared to the body of water it inhabits.
Now, take for instance the freshwater catfish of the Mekong River in northern Thailand.
This monster can grow to be more then eight feet long and weigh over six hundred-twenty pounds.
Once again, when compared to the grandeur of the Mekong River, it seems quite natural, But when put beside the freshwater catfish of North America the comparison is ghastly.
Of course, there is an exception to the rule.
Every once in awhile one may across a giant fish in a small pond.
Its existence a mystery and its lack of natural proportions awe- inspiring.
Many look into this strange occurrence with slighted indifference, but those who choose to look beyond the illusion of unnatural contradiction will find its meaningfulness overwhelming.

Our story begins in Bowling green , Kentucky.
Deep in the confines of Rosing Park a sub-division to the north of the city.
Dominic is your average 24 year old Caucasian male.
He lives with his parents, masturbates regularly, and is neither
shorter than 5.7 ft. nor taller than 6 ft.
His I.Q. is roughly 100 so, he is neither smart or an idiot.
The way he speaks or looks is not based upon his I.Q., but in the environment in which he developed. His mannerism and habits are not based on what he was taught in
school, but more so on the people he grew up around.
So, after reading about his bizarre predicament, to call him a racist would be a misled presumption.
For matters of his own, or maybe of the world, he is unaware of racial discriminations, Because he was raised in a society that does not shun racial generalization. More often than not it encourages it.
Dominic is an Electronic and Appliance salesman. Today he finds himself slightly concerned about his father.
"Gee, Pa, do you reckon we should go see Dr. Hills?" Dominic asked concerned.
"What fer?" questioned Pa
"Well, it looks like maybe old age is taking a toll on ya. I swear, you shrunk an inch in the last 2 days." Dominic muttered timidly.
"Listen here, Boy! I ain't shrunk, it's you whose grown." Pa barked.
"You gone senile too?" Dominic asked.
Pa scowled and walked over to the kitchen door frame where Ma had carved their height. His head was exactly on the line that read 'Pa'.
Dominic stared in disbelief as he realized that his head passed the dash that read 'mini'.
"See, I told ya." said Pa.
Dominic furrowed his brow, he didn't like the look of this.
"Maybe I should go see Dr. Hills, a growth spurt like that can't be good." Dominic said.
"Ain't no need, boy! I can tell you what's a matter." stated Pa.
Dominic was skeptical, but he humored his father.
"What's that, Pa?" he asked.
"It's all that damned radiation you work with!" Pa yelled
"Pa, I work at Best Buy!" Dominic rebuked.
"You sell microwaves, don't ya? So there! You should have worked at the rock quarry like me! Rocks is natural! They're safe." Pa scowled at him.
"Pa, radiation ain't the microwaves fault they're our friends. It's those damned Arabs fault!" Dominic explained to his father.

This is one of the many racial slurs, that on an honest level, Dominic thought nothing of. To him it was like saying "Hey, bro." to one of his friends.
Once again, we'd like to state that this was not his fault. He was, as most racist are, born into being a racist.
His father, until recently had been a dreadful man, cursing, and using the N-word regularly. However, this changed one day while on a fishing trip. When a young black man saved his life.
He had fallen into the lake after blacking out from inebriation, and he hadn't stirred, not even after he began sinking into the depths of the lake. The black man jumped in and dragged him out of the water.
This affected Dominic, for his usual mannerisms had to be changed because his father would not allow anyone to insult his new "African-American" friend.
Of course, that didn't stop his father from making an inappropriate joke every once in awhile. Dominic imagined it was a force of habit. But he never made any kind of inappropriate crack in front of his BBF (Best Black Friend) whose name, if you're curious, is Alex Parkman .
Alex Parkman's story is kind of fascinating when one thinks of the irony it entails.
He is a nineteen year-old African-American. His grades are average in most of his community college courses, except in his Advanced Arithmetic course, in which he excels. The day he met Dominic's father was one of the weirdest Alex has ever experienced.
He was swimming with his two siblings, Veronica Parkman and Dewie Parkman, they were seventeen and twelve years old, respectively.
Dewie had accidentally bashed his head on a log that was floating in the water, and so, Veronica took him back home.
Alex who had not wanted to go back home decided that he would stay by himself, swimming along the edge. Then came Dominic's father. From the first time Alex saw him he knew this man was an asshole. Only minutes later had his assumption of this man been confirmed.
Dominic's father used the N-word so many times Alex lost count.
Pa blamed poor Alex for everything, from the lack of fish to his bowel problems, and all sorts of other crazy things.
Finally Alex decided that he had had enough of this racist old man, he got out of the water and left. He sat behind a tree a few yards from the lake. He had to wait for his sister to pick him up, and so all he could do was wait. Wait and brood.
He had been a victim to racism many times in his young life, but never quite so blatantly as on that particular day.
How could that old bag be damned ignorant? he asked himself.
After an hour or so of waiting for Veronica, Alex realized that he had left his shirt at the edge of the lake. Alex was no longer upset at the old man. He just a poor old man stuck in his old ignorant ways, pay him no heed. Alex thought. Even with this new state of mind, didn't want to deal with another verbal attack. And so, silently he crept back toward the shore where his shirt was. He saw the Pa asleep on his boat.
Poor fool.
Then he looked down at his shirt; what he saw on his shirt made the slight empathy Alex felt for Pa disappear.
A big, muddy shoe print stamped on his once white shirt.
Alex had to settle the score. Decidedly he swam up to the old man's boat, after circling it twice he flipped it over.
He swam back to the shore. He smiled, satisfied, as he waited for the old man to resurface.
But he didn't resurface.
Alex's immediate reaction was that of any person, no matter if they were Black, White, Mexican, French, or any other race.
His reacted with a word that, although not original or creative, said it all.


He quickly swam back to where the old man was submerged, and pulled him back to shore. Back on the shore, the old man began to wake up.
Alex was scared of the old man's reaction. If Pa had been so volatile toward Alex before for absolutely no reason, he could only imagine the old man's fury after this attempted drowning.
Dominic's father looked at him with a little grin on his face.
"Thank you, boy..." said Pa before passing out.
Coincidentally, the shoe that had infuriated Alex wasn't Pa's.
Hell knows whose it was.

But, let us get back Dominic now.
Suddenly forced to change his ways for the sake of his father's new friend.
Angry, frustrated, Dominic turned to where most Americans turn when there
looking to vent... the news.
Dominic had not watched the news in ages, he had always found that he was content living in his own little world ignorant to the world around him.
For those of you who have not watched the news yet I suggest you don't.
The news is a highly exaggerated most of the time with little of the truth actually being spoken directly. The news makes people feel afraid most of the time , because these news channels spread stories that have less then half of the facts still intact.
They do this to add excitement of course ,because on a truthful note if you say something about the world that is in a manner that is speaking in which only the facts are given it would come out dreadfully boring, and the average doesn't want to watch a boring program he wants to feel excited that something is happening.
But, of course after the excitement ends the worry sets in.
What can I do to help? Is a popular question many ask themselves , and of course after the worry passes only the fear of what is going to happen while we sleep kicks in.
When people are afraid they have a sort of defensive mechanism that kicks in in which they must find somebody to put the blame on , And of course one never blames oneself for the problems one begins to group his culprit a certain race or even just a certain type of group such as punk , rock or techno.
Then after the blame is put the anger towards that groups starts.
Racism is used in most cases as if people actually believe insulting someone else or even hurting will solve their problems.
I asked a very racist man I met one day if he thought that all his problems would be solved if all the African Americans were gone.
He said to me "Yes".
I asked him why he thought all of his problems would be solved.
He told me a rather long story about how his father had raised him to think that way.
I of course said nothing else of the matter for who am I to say that the way that I think is the right way or not for I to was raised to think this way.
It is the same thing as arguing religion with someone most of us were born into our religion like me I am a Catholic , but I don't remember agreeing to or signing a contract telling the Father "Yes ,I would like to be baptized".
Since most of us are born into it we accept it as the truth , and that is the reason people argue over religion.
Most people see there religion ,as undeniable proof , and are appalled that people don't share their clarity on the "Truth".
So they're reaction is to argue with this person in some small hope that at the end of the argument this person will look at him as he leaves ,and think "Hmm maybe he's right"
So now we have Dominic watching the news for the first time in a long time.
He here's all this talk about the Arabs , and because the news teams usually just classify people by race ,and don't remember to say to their viewers "Hey remember viewers this is just some of the Arabic people not all of them".
Most people just get it in their heads that all Arabic people run around plotting terrorist acts., and of course Dominic would fall into this Most people category.
So that is the story of how Dominic came to distrust Arabic people , but let us get back to him blaming the "Arabs" for his growth spurt which was in fact unknown to anyone at this time actually being caused by a black hole that had been created when a Sun millions of light years away imploded in which Dominic , and 3 others are immune to the effects of the pull.
"What'd they do?" Pa asked which a surprising note about Pa is that he is actually quite fond of the Arabic people.
"You know how they are Pa Sneakin around making sneaky bombs with their sneaky fingers , and all their sneaky thoughts" Dominic rambled on until his Pa cut him off.
"Your one step away from turning black , and playing for the NBA." Pa laughed.
Dominic had noticed a nervous tick that his father had developed recently every time he made a racist joke he would look around to check if Alex was within hearing distance.
"Jeez I hope not....I don't even like basketball." Dominic said once again not even fazed by the racial slur.
"Pa I'm going to work I'll be back for dinner" He yelled as he left through the front door.
"Of course you'll be back for dinner you never go anywhere you damn bum , not even a damn girlfriend." Pa yelled , but of course Dominic was already out the door , and in his own little zone.

Dominic stepped outside to see that everything looked different then the last time he'd been outside. I'm not sure if any of you have worn high heels , but they give you a feeling of being on top of the world . Now I'll admit I only had the Skirt on for fun.
Now Dominic had this feeling of superiority like he was a better man for simple being a couple of inches taller.
He got in his pick-up truck . And drove to work.
Pa was wrong about Dominic not having a girlfriend Dominic had in fact been dating a beautiful young girl named Tory Plight for 6 months now.
Tabatha "Tory" Plight is one of the people I examined to see what made Dominic , and the other 3 special.


Sorry bout the roughness hope you enjoyed it so far
Leave comments and tell me what you think.
Also notes I'm taking Tory Plight's part out completely ,so thats why I cut it off there.

Bank Story Page 1

2009-04-11 05:26:18 by LuciousClump

Hello, well this is page one of my story critique would be appreciated

Note that this is still a rough draft so it's not perfected (grammar-wise)


There he stood outside of the most prestigious bank.
In recent years this bank had become quite popular for 3 things.
He however was not here for any of those reason.
He was there for the fourth most popular thing.
This building contained 101 floors.
They of course claim differently , not counting the 13th floor (bad luck I guess).
But who are we kidding the people on the 14th floor know which floor they're really on.
Floors 1-33 belong to the gambling crowd , quite a smelly lot they are.
Floors 34-66 belong to Drugs. You can buy anything from weed to topsy.
In my personal opinion topsy is the worst drug of them all.
Topsy has two adverse reaction first it reverses the effect of any drug you've taken in the
Past 23 hours 57 minutes .
I often wondered why the drug stopped there.
Had it decided upon it's arrival at the fifty-seventh minute of the twenty-third hour , that
It had had enough of it's own bullshit ?
The second effect of this horrendous drug is that you lose all motor skills and feeling on
The left side of your body.
I'd taken this drug twice, the first time was quite a surprise because I had just smoked a
joint ,I found myself with an amazing amount of energy , so I decided to take a jog , but
with the feeling in my left side gone it didn't work out in my favor. I swerved in and
out of oncoming traffic , it was horrible.
The second time I took this drug was the next day.
I wanted to see the effect it would have exlax ,I haven't pooped since .
After all the drugs you get to the interesting floors.
Floors 67-99 are actually slightly more organized then the other floors.
This is the prostitution section.
Everything is divided as so
Floors 67-70 Asian
Floors 71-74 Exotic
Floors 75-79 Halfy's
Floors 80-83 Huskies
Floors 84-89 Three-ways
Floors 90-92 American
Floors 93-99 Fetishes
Each district has a club ,and I'm proud to say I am or have been a member of every single
Group/Club in the building at one time or another.
And the reason I've come to this God awful place.
Floor 100 Banking ßwho are they kidding?
Banking is a long dead-trade in my time , with the legalization of drugs every pays
cash now.
This is one of the last remaining banks on Earth.
And I've come here for business.
I make my way to the receptionist , a nice old named Paty .
She's been working here for too long , way too long.
I hand her my card.
She swipes it.
I put the password in.
We wait in silence.
It's confirmed
She opens a drawer , and hands me a small box.
This box belongs to my client , a Miss Dorothy Norris

Well that's it for now.
Any comments?

Working On a Game

2009-04-10 06:34:33 by LuciousClump

I'm working on a game right now called "Reach The Exit!!"
To clarify no its not a mouse-avoider game.
Its a kinda creative twist on platformers
Well I don't really have much specs hoping to have like 15-30 levels
Controls are the arrow keys and the mouse (Sometimes)
It's pretty basic , and will be (If I ever finish it) the first of my pixel games released
Well I doubt anyone will read this , but this'll be my inspiration to finish the game
Well Later

Super Hero Meet-Up #1

2009-03-31 14:38:54 by LuciousClump

This is my entry for the storybook collab

Super-Hero Meet-up

By Victor Martinez

Their they met, as they had ever Saturday for past seven years.
In a sleazy old bar in downtown Chicago.
The four of them sat at the same table, in the same chairs as always.
Once again discussing the odd problems that came with their job.
For you see, they all shared one very unique career.
They were .... super-heroes.

Now, when I say super-heroes your first thought is probably
something along the lines of super-strength , telekinesis , and the ever
popular... flight.
This group was of course, not one of the ever famous groups of heroes
you'd hear about on the news they were , as they said " fame challenged".

George Jonkins sat in the chair closest to the door.
He was the leader of the group , and was codenamed "Inflator".
As you may have guessed his powers allow him to inflate his body with air
For a short period of time.
Making him unbelievably light , and fragile.

He was the first to speak as usual.

"You won't believe it guys, some punk kids caught me off guard while I was inflated, and they started kicking me around like a beach ball just as I was about to catch Dr. Demento." He took a drink from his cup.

The lady to his right was next to speak.
"Yah you think that's bad I was saving a bunch of kids , and someone shouts"
"Look Jumping Gal"
"I'm twenty-Fucking-Seven I don't qualify as fucking girl anymore"
She sighed in discontent.
The man across from her was next to speak
"oh come on Veronica it's not that bad" He tried to comfort her
"That's easy for you to say John , you actually get respect around here" She replied
His was a power of unique magnitude.
Standing at 6-foot tall his power allowed him to grow to the amazing height of
6 foot 6. Giving him the nickname 6 and a Half foot man (People in this city were dull fully uncreative)
They all stared at each other none saying a word , until the last member spoke up.
"So we all agree , this city sucks ass".
They all raised their glasses of cheap wine , got up , then returned to the normalcy
Of super normalcy .

Bitey /Halloween Flash Game

2009-03-30 23:00:07 by LuciousClump

Well I've been working on this game with a friend for awhile.
My Artist is currently extremely busy so production is at a stand-still.
I've been working on this since December.
Although Most of that time has been spent doing nothing (Most of the stuff was done
during the first 2 weeks).
Below are a bunch of links to incomplete demos and samples
Bitey Basic Engine
Character Bios

Well my artist is to busy to finish , so if any artist would like to help out PM me or post here
Well later

Well Yah I finished submitting some of my other songs today
Now most of them have less then 100 views (Hell most have less then 50)
So come on NG do a composer/kinda animator when he's bored a favor and drop by
and vote and review :)
Well here they are My Songs
That's incase some people are too lazy to click my audio button :)