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omg after so long

thats so cool man I Saw this in the portal and thought it was a joke
well it feels good to be one of the first hundred people to see this great ass movie
don't make us wait so long for the next one

Sorry man , but I Had to give it a 2

not that it wasn't graphical enough , but most or all of the drawings were traced
so your main characters kept changing from different anime characters
And thats a little eh if your gonna trace at least trace the same character or your
characters seem like they morph well better luck next time , maybe try and creat your own characters.
I know they might not look as nice , but hey at least it won't be directly tracing
out of mangas

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Jestercap13 responds:

no i didnt trace but i did use them as reference. its obvious and i know. but im still working on it, but it make since to not like it for that. im still trying to get the whole anime thing going so ive been drawing things from other things. eventually ill be able to do it on my own i can draw like this, just it looks more like when the characters move and all crappy, im working on it. :/

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I think that it's a little to repetitive
here are my suggestions
for each mental have 4 different mini-games

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I really really like the beat on this.
my favorite part starts right after 1:10.
Well what can I say about this piece.
I love the steady beat.
Love the Drums
Love whatever it is at 2:38
love everything after 4:40 as well
And I like how slowly , but surely it fades out at the end losing
instruments and all

Well 5/5 and 9/10 from me
good job man I'm gonna fave this song

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.


That is just sick as hell
I love it I have to make a flash animation to it.
It's just so beautiful It fits in perfectly in ff9 even tho it's a remix
(Also I hate that FF9's so underrated it's easily in my top 10 favorite RPG)
Well only bad thing is what the guy below said it ends a little quickly , but I find it helps with the loop process of the song
well bye

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viion responds:

Yehh the ending, damn i forgot the ending !! i was meant to do something for it, usually i fade out >< haha well great that you love it :) I will keep an eye on your profile!!!!


I liked the song , but it was a little repetitive and with the way the song was building up I thought it was going to some big finale , but I was wrong :(
It's good though keep practicing this would be good Background music

HaRiKoINDEX responds:

Thanks for the review, will practice more. :) Thanks..

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